Cynthia Speech Engine

The Cynthia Speech Engine is a text-to-speech system written entirely in Prolog. It serves as a system for implementing and testing new linguistic models of speech. The goal behind the Cynthia project is to develop a more natural sounding and intelligible reading machine for the blind.

I began this project in January 2001. The first year of development was focused on pronunciation. Features of Cynthia's pronunciation include a knowledge base of pronunciation rules which allow Cynthia to sound out words that are not in her phonetic dictionary. For example, here is a very early example of Cynthia sounding out the word Jabberwocky.

Now all of my work is on rhythm and intonation. My MPhil thesis will be on rhythm and timing.

I have written a programming language called Cyng for defining prosodic details of utterances within Cynthia. A fun feature of Cyng is that melodies can be defined, giving Cynthia the ability to "sing".

Cynthia is a project of Bill Hollingsworth.

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